The end of 2017 is bringing a lot of big changes to ZZ Training. We are taking the winter to re-structure to focus on strengthening Lizz's competition resume and earn her UDSF medals over the next few years. With these changes come the necessary growing pains. Lizz is limiting her lesson program to only a few long-time clients 1 day a week. Stay tuned to find out what the future has in store for ZZ Training.

‚ÄčStarting at day one of training with either a young horse or tune up on an older animal, Lizz encourages participation from the owner at each stage.  Explaining through demonstration, she strives to impress on all her clients the importance of the relationship between the owner and the horse, not the trainer and the horse.  By giving the owner the tools to continue the work with their own horse she increases their independence as they grow as horse people.  It's your horse - Enjoy it!

Lizz strives to keep her human clients on the same page as their horse partners.

Teaching people, Training horses

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