Lizz has worked with us since December 2014 and her approach to training can be summed up in one word—patience. We initially contacted her through a friend because we were hoping to get our Percheron-Thoroughbred mare ready for sale. From the moment we first saw her on Lily we knew that her quiet hand and calm demeanor was just what we were looking for. Lily has since been sold and Lizz has helped us with several other horse projects. My Endurance gelding, Fog, was fearful and unable to back out of a trailer. He is now calm, confident, and backs out with ease. She was integral in helping our Endurance Arab, Norm, come back from an eight month recovery period after injury. She is now working with our new Endurance prospect, Lizzy, to gain confidence and stamina on trails in preparation for her first event in January 2016.

Patience, professionalism, and excellence: THAT describes Lizz Blaum!

John Schneider

Endurance Rider

Here is what people are saying:

I am an 81-year-old woman who has been riding horses since I was 5 and still rides almost every day. A little over a year ago I had cervical spine surgery and needed someone to exercise my three horses while I was laid up. A friend recommended Lizz Blaum. Two of my horses are seasoned trail horses  but the other, only four at the time, was pretty green and most of his riding had been on the trails. What he needed was ring work to put a handle on him. Lizz stepped right in and went to work. She is a highly skilled horsewoman with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to know what the horse needs and how to achieve it. She is patient, but firm, and quiet, but deliberate in her approach to the animal. She is also a great communicator and is constantly explaining what she is doing and why, plus noting the response she is getting from the horse. Lizz, using basic dressage principles, did wonders with my young horse. He is soft in the bridle, moves beautifully off the slightest leg pressure, picks up a canter from the walk, and is an all-around joy to ride.

If you are searching for a trainer to start a young horse, to season a green horse, or to correct undesirable habits, Lizz is the person I recommend. If you need to improve your riding skills, again Lizz is the one I recommend. I think you will be more than pleased with the results.

Sandy Schulz

Lifetime horsewoman

My experience with ZZ Training was a huge success.  With guidance, patience and an uncanny intuition of horses and riders, Lizz was able to help me progress from an unseasoned and inexperienced rider to one of confidence, command and control.  I am very pleased with my personal progress over a relatively short 6 months window and give full credit to Lizz’s abilities to understand her student and the horse, which in my case was a 12 year old Tennessee Walking Horse.  I know that Lizz made a personal investment to acquire knowledge and insights about gaited horses in order to help me with mine, which speaks volumes about her level of commitment and dedication.  I strongly recommend ZZ Training for all your riding instruction and training needs.

Alan White

Prescott, AZ

Lizz has been working with my quarter horse mare, Bella, over the past year.  She had poor to non-existent training in the past.  She was confused and uncertain as to what was being asked of her.  Within the year, through Lizz's training, she has become a confident and well behaved trail horse.  Her training in the beginning levels of dressage has strengthened and re-shaped her body.  She can easily move laterally, turn on both the front and hind quarters, transition from a walk-trot-canter with gentle aids.  She is a joy to ride and any level rider can now take her out on the trail.

                                             Chesley Ross

                                              Avid Trail rider

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